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Skipped work on accident today.
I’m using this opportunity to spend one last day with my family before we move out.

…and while they are napping, i shall lay in bed naked, listen to Just Like Honey and dream of all good things.
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The cats of my life.

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#cats #window (Taken with Instagram)
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So gooood. The beerbq went wonderfully today. Everyone really contributed and it was such good fun. Getting ice cream with Andrew and relaxing for the night. Satisfied.
Oh and this picture is purrfect.
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Myself, Courtney, and Kaely.
There is absolutely nothing better in life then having great friends. True, honest, and intimate relationships. There is nothing better than having people who know you better than you know yourself. If I could quit my job, sell all of my things (not that I have much) and run away somewhere warm and live with just the people that I love, I would do it at the drop of a hat. All that matters is that I have people that I love more than anything. I guess today I just woke up feeling extremely settled. Gym, bubble tea to see my sweet.
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