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My girls :)
thinking that lust often gets mistake for love
"To feelers life is a tradegy, to thinkers like is a comedy."
Hangover go away now pleaseeeeee
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Should be sleeping given I have to be up in about seven hours. Instead faceinholing myself kissing Leo….


The things I would do to have been born fifty years ago. I wish I could have known my Mother and Father when they were may age. I think we would have been really good friends. My father and I would have such a good time together and I think I could have done very good things to help my Mom. I like the way when they have cold hands, they unexpectedly make each other jump with them. My mom couldn’t remember a phone number to save her life, so my Dad is her phonebook. My Dad couldn’t pick out an outfit so save his life, so my Mom is his stylist. I’m getting a cold, but I have a bunch of new great music courtesy of my baby Kaely and other misc. venues. Taking Shadow for a walk is a good excuse to listen to it :)
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Opaque  by  andbamnan