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happy to be spending the day in solitude.

i love youuu courtney and lydia :) i have the most purrfect best friends and i couldn’t possibly boast about them enough. soul sistahs fo evah
also, listen to j beebee’s new song, i sorta like it heheh

<3 finally homeee and resting in my bed. I feel better now that I’ve seen my girls. The next couple of days, I’m taking to be alone. I haven’t been alone in a least a week. So tired and happy!
Can’t wait to spend the weekend in DC. I need a lil’ break.
hi warm weather :)
Constanly battling my want to see my girls, and my want to see my bed.
Parents are away. Cleaning the entire house, making myself up, and spending the evening with the baddddddest. Bitchin’!
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